Monday, 30 May 2011

Recent discovery

I have recently made a discovery that I thought I should share with everyone for safety and health reasons.  Listen carefully everyone, because this is shocking...Kraft Dinner mac and cheese, does in fact go bad.  That's right kids those blue boxes have an expiry date on them for a reason!  I discovered this recently when I really wanted mac and cheese and luckily there was one box in the pantry.  So after boiling the noodles and everything I dumped the cheese pouch into the pot and immediately noticed that the colour was off, instead of the normal flourescent orange the powder was more of a dark reddish colour.  I was so excited about my mac and cheese that I mixed it all up but the first bite was disgusting and I threw it all in the trash after realizing that it had expired 6 months ago.  So for those of you who think that stuff like Kraft Dinner can't go bad, be forwarned! And always check the expiry date for the safety of you and your family.  Now go make some KD for dinner becuase when it's good, it's oh so good! :)

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