Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More Snow!?!

I will admit that I had, rather foolishly I suppose, allowed myself to believe that winter was over and there was going to be nothing but spring-like weather from here on in.  I do not count snow and freezing rain as spring-like weather so as you can imagine I was rather disappointed to wake up this morning to both of those things.  I still remember the days when I was in school and I would wake up just long enough to hear someone on the radio say that buses are cancelled and then fall blissfully back to sleep, but those days are gone and I am expected to show up at work in the event of blizzards and such.  Now, those people who know me know that I will do just about anything in my power to avoid driving in nasty wintery conditions so on days like today, I choose to take the city bus to work.  The apartment that I live in falls almost directly between 2 bus stops, one stop has a shelter the other does not.  Today, obviously, I chose shelter, and unfortunately that meant walking directly into the wind and getting pelted in the face with freezing rain the whole way.  I did make it to work safely, although about 20 minutes late. Of course, I realized throughout the day that it wasn't as bad as I thought and I probably should have just driven to work.  I also made the sad discovery that I used my last bus ticket to get to work, and sadder still was the fact that I didn't even have $2.75 on me to pay for the bus home.  Luckily for me work, the bank and the bus stop are all in fairly close proximity and the freezing rain wasn't pelting nearly as hard as it was this morning.  So I got some money, bought a pop at the variety store so I could get change for the bus and eventually got home.  So, if it wasn't already obvious, I'm done with the snow and ready for spring!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ahh St. Patrick's Day, one of the few days of the year when you are allowed, some would say encouraged, to look completely ridiculous as long as there is something green or in the shape of a shamrock on your person.  I myself rocked some bright green eyeshadow today, and I must say I don't think I'm going to wait another 364 days before I do it again.  Now many of you may be shocked to discover that St. Patrick's Day is not all about green beer, and the subsequent green vomit.  This is acutally a religious holiday, and it falls during Lent when people traditionally give up something that they enjoy, becuase of this some of the Lent restrictions are relaxed today and families may eat and drink what they please.  Although don't take my word for this, please consult your priest or other spiritual leader before you go crazy on whatever you gave up for Lent.  Well that is my little educational tidbit for today, now go put on some green eyeshadow and enjoy a green cocktail or two!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


So I went to a bookstore after work today and I happened to wander through the self-help section.  It suddenly occured to me that the entire purpose of the self-help section is to make us all believe that we need help.  You find yourself suddenly surrounded by books telling you how to look better, feel better, get better hair, and skin, get better organized, be better with your money, be a better lover, get along better with your family, and even more books telling you that you need a better relationship, a better house, a better job, better clothes, and in general, a better life.  But what if the life you have is just fine?  What if, like me, you have a decent job that (almost) pays the bills, a very messy but nice apartment, a great relationship with an amazing man, a loving family and great friends?  Why do these books always make me feel like something is missing, or that something needs to be improved?  At some point along the line, good became not good enough.  The truth is, the book I bought about managing my money is sitting somewhere in my apartment, under a pile of clutter no doubt, almost entirely unread.  And I only made it about half way through the book to make me a better lover.  Maybe I need to buy a book on finishing what I start...but I'd probably never read it.  So sue me if I like my books silly, and enjoy them for their entertainment value and occasional trashy love scenes, and not for the life lessons they offer.  It might make me a bad person but I don't really believe that anyone ever got a new boyfriend or a better job sitting in the self-help section of the bookstore.  Maybe someone needs to write a book about that.